It is the year 1991 when I, Albino Cruz made ​​a trip to Switzerland in market research. On this visit I became acquainted with Marc Antoine Druze (Bouchons Chaillot, SAL, starting a business relationship and friendship that solidified over the years, been transformed into a covenant between two people who fight for the same purpose, quality and safety of product.

In 2010 we decided to create the Portoswiss Cork Ltd., with the aim of using his laboratory properly equipped to implement a system of highly rigorous quality control to provide assurance to Bouchons Chaillot, SA, the marketing of a natural product of unique quality , an objective achieved and confirmed by the recommendation made by our customers from several European countries.

In 2011 we launched a new challenge to our capabilities. Transporting the know-how accumulated over the years by MA & A Druze Cross created a unit customization and surface treatment in order to meet bottlers Portuguese and Spanish. Being sure of all the experiences accumulated mainly in the strict Swiss market, this will certainly be another challenge to overcome.

                                                                 At nature's service

                                                                 Marc Antoine Druz/Albino Cruz